The song that is featured here on this site is NOVA SCOTIA the Land that I Love. Dennis wrote it for people who love the province. Available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify (on your account) Amazon Music, TikTok, You Tube (video version) and most other major platforms. Available as of October 14th, 2020.

Dennis has been a singer/songwriter for decades and the following two CD's stand out from the rest.

The CD by Dennis Brunton titled 'Tell My Lady' was released originally in 2000. It is in the easy listening/Maritime category. Each song on this album is unique and is a collection of songs that span a lifetime of Dennis touring and playing from sea to sea to sea, in Canada.

Ram Tiger is a band based out of Ottawa, Ontario. Dennis wrote the songs, performs as lead vocalist, played all guitars, keyboards and percussion on the CD 'Danger...Life Ahead.' The Ram Tiger CD is in the 'rock' category.

You can listen to both albums free of charge on: Google Play, Youtube Music, Spotify (on your account), (Tell My Lady only)

You can purchase each album, or songs from each album on: iTunes, Amazon Music and on over thirty more of the most favourite music purchase sites.

We are not selling music from the site presently, so we thought that we'd offer these possibilities for you to enjoy Dennis's songs.