For all those who love Nova Scotia”

Dennis Brunton

is an independent self-managed artist.

Dennis is a career singer-songwriter who has been writing, recording and playing his songs for decades. His love for Maritime folk songs comes from living in the Maritimes as a young boy in Nova Scotia, then P.E.I., until his mid-twenties. He felt a strong need to write a song for Nova Scotia and all those who love the province, after all of the many tragic events taking place over the last year or so. He wanted to write something inspirational and uplifting. A tune that one could sing that has a spirit of hope and pride.

Because of COVID-19 he was not able to record with the members of his band 'Ram Tiger,' so he did a bare bones version. He played guitar and piano and did the vocals. He wanted to get the song to those who would enjoy it. 

It is available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, TikTok, Amazon Music, as well as other popular music providing platforms .

The video is on You Tube by the same title, NOVA SCOTIA the Land that I Love.

Dennis will be updating with general information regarding the song on his 'Dennis Brunton' Facebook page and other social media.

Below is the link 'NOVA SCOTIA the Land that I Love' WAV file in Google Drive



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